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Wrong Robby Blanks!

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Wrong Robby Blanks!

Please see associated image with numbers to confirm your purchase selection! And remember, you can always come back and add another one to your cart. 😎 Each one has a very small bubble on the underside of the body that has been carefully filled and blended with epoxy sculpt. If any of this is unclear or you would rather purchase in a different format please contact me on Instagram through DM's!

All come with swappable swivel head held on by two very strong neodymium magnets that are epoxied in so they will never come out.

1 - Half translucent body half white. White head.
2 - Blue/White Marble
3 - Red/Yellow Marble
4 - Beige (it's a very nice beige.)
5 - Yellow/Blue Marble
6 - Yellow/White Marble
7 - Solid White
8 - Light Forest Green (I really like this one)
9 - Translucent Light Blue
10 - Purple/Red Marble
11 - Light Beige
12- Translucent Dark Blue
13 - Green/Yellow Marble
14 - Translucent Light Green
***Just added***
15 - Light Grey
16 - Dark Grey