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Customer Customs!

My customers are very talented people!  For that reason, I always feature their work here!

3.5" Resin Print Kaiju Larvae

Painted by "jack.of.all.hobbies"! Check out his instagram for some really cool paint work!


3.5" Plastic Cast Marlons!! 

Customized and painted by, "Murd3r.bird" from instagram!  A Christmas inspired custom!!

Painted by, "digitalhorseplay" from instagram!  An appropriately themed nature Marlon!! 

3.5" Plastic Cast Marlons, for Friends and giveaways on my Instagram!

5.5" Plastic Cast Marlons!! 

Painted by, "vinnydemaria" from instagram!!  A badass cave man style Marlon!! 

Heavily customized and painted by, "testplug" from instagram!!!  This time a Star Wars, "Chewbacca" theme!!