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Be a Guest Designer ?

What is this all about and why am I doing it?

Mainly, there was a very long standing and negative experience involving my time in the Animation industry…  But, in the end, and the reason for doing this… I decided that I wanted to support and help my fellow artists.  In light of all of these thoughts and revelations, my way of doing that is to make toy versions of their designs as toys to help their exposure, as well as to help them receive some more income.

When you are hurt by a community or a person, to love them in response, is always better than to retaliate with hatred.  I think that this is the only way that humanity will truly progress and this is my way of loving us without putting my values onto others or inadvertently forcing my individual sense of morality onto them.

Did you make it this far?  Give yourself a pat on the back and let’s get into how it works!

Ya ya , okay okay…!  How does it work?

It’s pretty simple and that is intentional on my part.

You design a toy or come to me with your designs/Instagram/art feeds.  It doesn’t need to be a toy design in specific.  I can be inspired by anything.  At any rate, contact me directly about it.  ([email protected]) We will work out which design to use, but if you have a particular interest in one of your designs and would like to make that, I’ll consider that design first and foremost.

Lastly, you WILL be paid for this if your toy sells enough for me to recoup my material costs!!!  (Which I will be upfront and transparent about with you) To collaborate is a mutually beneficial experience, which is another reason behind why I want to do it.  Your design will not just be used and profited off.

How so?  What’s the process?

I look at your design and reinterpret it into a toy design.  I produce your toy.  We put it up on the site for sale!  After sales from the toy recoup my material costs/time involved in making the toy, you begin receiving 30% of the profits from each sale.  This 70/30 split is mainly to be sure that I can maintain this endeavor and keep making toys, with the potential of moving to a 50/50 split depending on sales.  Should it take off and sell well, a 50/50 split will occur.  I will not hold anyone financially hostage.  Frankly, there is enough of that BS in the world already and I'm sick of it.

If these terms agree with you, we copyright your character to YOU (so you can pull the plug at any time you like) and the sculpt to myself, with the caveat being that if you pull the plug, I can no longer legally produce the toy anymore.

I draft up a simple non-convoluted straight forward agreement about the terms, you review them, hopefully carefully, then sign it.  (To protect both of us) and then we’re off to making your toy!

And that’s it!  [email protected] to engage with me about this.  No formalities necessary, we’re just people, I WILL read your email and get back to you no matter how you present yourself so don’t be worried about that, just be yourself and lets make some toys!  =D