Mission Statement !

If it weren’t for toys I probably wouldn’t be here today. That is a definitive fact of my life. Toys have always been my passion and what got me through the struggles and the hard times!


Mission statement, you can laugh… But, I’m dead ass serious!

  • Create toys for those who cannot, with a percentage of the profits going to the artist
  • And ultimately, create a collective toy company with equal shares and profits for all employees. Redefine how a company should function in a modern democracy.
  • Inspire other toy companies such as FUNKO and KIDROBOT/companies in general, to follow suit. Try and change the way the world works with unconditional love and support for all, no matter their own transgressions against others, myself, or themselves. Shine love everywhere, unhampered by my own insecurities. I believe (and psychology agrees too, it seems…) that it’s the only thing that will stop the cyclical hatred that has strangled us for generations and redeem our species as a race worthy of this planet. If you think that is absurd, well… That is certainly okay.


Hello everyone and welcome to Frenetic Toys! A little bit about the toys on this site… First off, this store will specialize in newly designed sofubi, old school kaiju sofubi, old school action figures, sentai super robots, and newly designed oldschool *inspired* diaclone (Transformer styled from 1984-85ish) styled figures. It is my dream to continue what the greats from Japan started. In short, Vinyl Toys- mostly. Although, most of what is on here will be my designs, If you are a designer, or a person who loves toys, but does not have the means to make your own, I’m your guy. Contact me and we can see if we can work out the details.


About me? At the moment… I am just a guy, with a couple mental illnesses, who loves toys and likes to make them as well. Who has a hard time working 9-5 and being social because of his mental illnesses, and is trying to find something he loves enough to sustain himself to live off of as much as possible? =P There are definitely some big changes that could be made to capitalism. I’m a bit fatigued by watching the 1% control the world through unquestioned generational monopolies in every industry. A little tired of watching every company I have ever worked for valuing me like I am another worm on a hook, little compensation back for my 40-60 hour weeks. Most of us are experiencing the depression this causes!

So, this is my small way of trying to help myself and change the world also and the way we conduct business as a species in modern times. I would also love to make a living off of my toys and be able to take care of my family that way. Of course, I am not special in that regard. Many want that. Which, is why I am going to put the best quality forth possible as well as give back to my friends and supporters. I 100% believe in supporting other artist. If you chose to join me on this journey, if you chose to buy a toy, design a toy, take part in any way, know that there is an ultimate and much higher goal to all of this and you *could* be contributing to something really special. Least of all, I personally, will be eternally grateful of your patronage, whether the higher mission succeeds or not, and you yourself will get a toy, handcrafted as perfect as I can make it. No corners cut, nothing flawed, just love in toy form, from me. Thank you for reading and I hope you find something on here that you will like… And, if not, contact me and maybe we can make something that you would like!