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WR Escapee 01 - “Fire Hydrant”

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WR Escapee 01 - “Fire Hydrant”

. . . Accessing WR Escapee log mainframe . . . Ping accepted. . . Mainframe connection established . . . Escape Log 01 Received.

Escape Log 01 -
Primary Disfunction - Identity Disorder.

When the other Robbies began teasing Fire Hydrant by calling him, “Fire Hydrant” they didn’t realize that he was taking the joke so literally. In consequence, Fire Hydrant developed a massive pathology. He began to believe that he was an actual fire hydrant…

Fire Hydrant began insisting that they only refer to him as Fire Hydrant from then on and even planned his entire escape plan around the idea that he, indeed, looks exactly like a Fire Hydrant.

His escape plan was simple. Move swiftly but stealthily towards the exit and if anyone approaches? Freeze! What’s so strange about a Fire Hydrant anyway? Pffft… It’s JUST a fire hydrant!

Unfortunately, due to the enormous number of security patrol Robbies, he was the last to make it to the Cardboard Spaceship- their pre-determined rendezvous point…

When he didn’t show up in a timely manner the other Robbies became concerned, hacking the Forbidden Planets security mainnet for some intel on his situation.

The security console contained one very relevant message…

“A small fat Fire Hydrant has been seen slowly creeping across the northern most section of the complex. It has been investigated by our Security Robbies and has been designated as non-threatening. No further analysis required.”

At this point they knew that their little delusional friend was safe and on his way. On that day they all agreed that from now on they’d be calling him “THE Fire Hydrant.” Eeeeeehhhhh! 😎

Comes bagged and carded. Signed and Numbered on bottom of foot.

Cast using Smooth-on 45D. Thin parts are re-enforced with internal metal pins. (Specifically their “ear” stalks.) Neodymium magnetic head swivels. Installed with N&S pole awareness so swappable with any other robbie. Painted using Golden Acrylic Paints.

The prototype was made with an ultra detailed Photon Ultra (Awesome DLP printer, actually more detailed than a 6k-8k mono-chrome LCD screen. High-end production details.)