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WR Escapee 013 - “Purilimus Prime"

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WR Escapee 013 - “Purilimus Prime"

. . . Accessing WR Escapee log mainframe . . . Ping accepted. . . Mainframe connection established . . . Escape Log 03 Transferring.

Escape Log 13 - Currently Transferring Intel. (Escape Story Coming Soon)

Comes bagged and carded. Signed and Numbered on bottom of foot.

Cast using Smooth-on 45D. Thin parts are re-enforced with internal metal pins. (Specifically their “ear” stalks.) Neodymium magnetic head swivels. Installed with N&S pole awareness so swappable with any other robbie. Painted using Golden Acrylic Paints.

The prototype was made with an ultra detailed Photon Ultra (Awesome DLP printer, actually more detailed than a 6k-8k mono-chrome LCD screen. High-end production details.)