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One off - Battle Sentai.

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One off - Battle Sentai.

This is a high quality solid resin print, custom painted with Golden Acrylics and a Chrome spray. Varnished with a high quality finish. It is approximately 5.5" wide and 5.5" tall at it's highest fist.

See photo with the beer can for a better idea of its size!

Please note : Despite the dynamic pose the piece is able to stand fine. For extra assurance there is a very strong magnet installed and hidden in the back foot! That said- he does best on a level surface.

All the pointy and fragile parts have been purposefully removed and then duplicated and re-sculpted using a strong epoxy clay. (Like his shin knives.)

I put a ton of effort into this one and even designed it to be able to transform into the TV that it was originally based on. I was not able to implement that due to time issues so his proportions changed to be more appealing and he became a statue instead. While painting him, I made sure it was as close to perfect as I could get it!

Hope he can find a new home, with you, at your home! :P