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Fluffy - Artist Proof

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Fluffy - Artist Proof

3" x 3" high quality resin print. Professionally Hand Painted Artist Proof.

Fluffy is a bit of a lost soul.

He doesn't know whether he is a fish, a person or a jet? He knows he has flippers... But he has legs too? Plus a jetpack biometrically hardwired into his back? What the heck!? Seems like Fluffy is definitely an individual.

A lover of the sea, land or air? For whatever weird hang up he's stuck on, he feels he can't love all of them... It's black and white, one or none. Why Fluffy...? Why can't you just think in a less black and white or a less absolute way?

This tormented individual has gone through hell trying to find a good pair of jeans that will fit. Although, wearing the jeans makes him worry that he is betraying the air and sea.

Well... That's fluffy for you. A walking contradiction drowning in absolutes... Maybe some day he'll figure it out...