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Astroscream 1/1 Custom

$80.00 USD
  • Astroscream 1/1 Custom
  • Astroscream 1/1 Custom
  • Astroscream 1/1 Custom

Up for grabs is a 1/1 custom inspired by "Starscream" from The Transformers. Titled "Astroscream" since this was customized and painted on the "Astro" blank from Murd3r.bird (See his instagram for some wicked blanks and fantastic casting work!!)

This piece was done for an art challenge and I was lucky enough to receive an honorable mention! If that doesn't sell it for you, I don't know what will! =P (Where is the laugh emoji on this thing, I'm trying to be funny again.)

Since it was done specifically for an art challenge there won't be another one! You could be the one lucky owner!! Woah dude... Get it now! =P

Thank you for checking it out and I hope you buy it so that I can fund my trip to middle earth. (Which is happening in 4 days and I've only managed to save 2 dirty socks, 4 pennies and a migraine. I'm feeling optimistic though.)

Thank you for looking! Wait, did I say that already... Oh, I guess I did. OK Bye!